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Key Features

Reliable and accurate translations

Oxford Dictionary ABBYY Lingvo contains licensed dictionaries from reputable and renowned publishers such as Oxford (in cooperation with Duden, Hachette, Paravia), Compact Verlag and Russkij Yazyk.

Depending on the ABBYY Lingvo version you have purchased, you are going to have access to high quality, comprehensive dictionaries.

ABBYY Lingvo x5 versions

Detailed entries* with pronunciation keys, grammatical descriptions, and example sentences

The dictionary entries contain detailed information on each word and word combination with possible translation, usage examples from real sources (such as books, newspapers and other publications), grammatical descriptions, synonyms, antonyms, spelling alternatives, phonetic transcriptions and audio pronunciations recorded by native speakers.

translation of words

*All screenshots are made for ABBYY Lingvo x3.

Audio pronunciation of key word recorded by native speakers

ABBYY Lingvo provides audio pronunciation of words and phrases recorded specially for ABBYY by native speakers. Human speech gives you the opportunity to hear how the words are being pronounced by real people living in the environment of the language. This way you can improve your pronunciation and get as close as a native speaker.

audio pronunciation Depending on the version and the language combinations of your ABBYY Lingvo you are going to have access to audio pronunciations for words in six languages including:

  • 15 000 English words
  • 10 000 German words
  • 5 000 French words
  • 10 000 Spanish words
  • 10 000 Ukrainian words
  • 20 000 Russian words
  • ABBYY Lingvo also includes phrasebooks for some language combinations with audio pronunciations for common expressions, of course recorded by native speakers of the languages.

Easy and quick Look-up

Quick retrieval of terms and word combinations thanks to a comprehensive and powerful database

The powerful database which is working for you behind ABBYY Lingvo will not only help you work as efficient as possible but will also help you with compound words for example (words which are build by combining other words together) even if they are not explicitly listed in the dictionaries on your Bookshelf. If you for example would like to look up the German word „Suchwerkzeug“ which is built from two separate words ABBYY Lingvo is going to provide you with the translation of its components:

German word

Practical search functions:

In addition to its comprehensive vocabulary, ABBYY Lingvo delivers advanced search capabilities such as full text search and wildcard search.

Full text search allows users to search for words and word combinations in all texts of its dictionaries including headwords, translations, examples sentences, and comments.
You can use this function to find the translation of expressions and idioms for example.

full text search

Wildcard search helps you to search for words and phrases based on a pattern, by substituting the * and ? symbols for unknown letters:

"?" stands for any single character (including a blank space);
"*" stands for any sequence of characters (including blank spaces).

You can use the wildcard search feature to find words which you are not sure how to spell, to find all phrases containing a given word, or to solve crossword puzzles.

To save time retyping frequently used words, word history provides a list of the last 100 words searched.

Immediate translation in a Pop-up Dialogue or using hotkey combinations

With ABBYY Lingvo, you can instantly translate unfamiliar words when browsing the Web, reading e-mails or texts on the screen* without changing the application or interrupting your current work. Simply point the cursor at a word and get the translation in a pop-up dialogue.

translation in a pop-up dialogue

*Depending of the ABBYY Lingvo version this feature may need text layer in order to show you the translation of unknown words

If you need detailed information about the word including all its meanings, translations and example sentences, press Alt, Ctrl or Shift key and while holding it down click on the word. Alternatively, you can select the word and press Ctrl+Ins+Ins or Ctrl+C+C.


Flexible and Expandable Software

  • Clear and comfortable Windows-like user interface is easy to use alongside other work.
    ABBYY Lingvo also offers an intuitive Windows-like interface which makes daily work with foreign languages comfortable and simple and enables direct access to any language information or service supported by Lingvo, Its customisable, flexible toolbars make it easy to work with the various Lingvo dictionaries and functions. Available dictionaries are displayed with friendly icons which can be easily moved. There are two separate Windows for word look-up functions and for viewing word translations, which makes it easy to look up multiple words at one time and to keep word definitions open while working in a document or viewing a Web site. ABBYY Lingvo also includes virtual keyboards for typing in foreign words with special accents or symbols and Cyrillic characters.
  • Easy expandability allows you to customise Lingvo according to your growing needs.
    It is easy to purchase additional language combinations and dictionaries for use together with your Lingvo software.

Lingvo Tutor tool for learning languages

ABBYY Lingvo comes with a tool for memorising words, Lingvo Tutor. With Lingvo Tutor, you can set up your study schedule, create your own lists of words that you would like to memorise or use one of the sample word lists included in the program.

  1. Lingvo Tutor word list
    Lingvo Tutor

  2. Lingvo Tutor interactive lessons
    Lingvo Tutor